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Fast, Consistent, and Accurate Calculations For

  • Initiation

  • Contract Booking

  • In-life Modification

  • Early Settlement

  • End of Term

An instant cloud-based calculation engine for accurate contract lifecycle calculations, with seamless integration into your ecosystem. 

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Flex creates an ecosystem of value across multiple functions, systems and industries to fuel growth and propel you into the future by increasing delivery efficiency and product management.

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The Problem

  • Multiple Siloed Systems
  • Rekeying of Information
  • Limited and Broken Integrations
  • Business Disruption due to System Downtime

The Flex Advantage

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With native integrations possible, Flex can become a scalable, adaptable, and an end-to-end solution across all systems and industries. Flex ensures business continuity with round-the-clock responses to calculation requests.

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The Problem

  • Outdated Technology Stack
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Limited Use-case
  • High Development Costs

The Flex Advantage

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Deployed on the cloud, Flex is a swift, precise, interoperable and a technology independent solution designed to secure your technology stack for the future.

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The Problem

  • Unable to Adapt to Changing Business Models
  • Time Consuming Onboarding
  • Manual Entries

The Flex Advantage

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Flex provides superior calculation capabilities integrated with a custom front-end to ensure a top-notch customer experience.

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Case by Industry

Swift Signup and Integration

Subscribe to Flex within minutes and seamlessly integrate our calculation engine in to your ecosystem.

Full Life Cycle Coverage

A one-stop solution that guarantees penny-accurate calculations at all stages of the contract life cycle through various calculation types.

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  • Pricing
  • OEM Subvention
  • Dealer Subsidy
  • Affordability Checks
  • Dealer/Broker Commission
  • Salespeople Incentive
  • APR
  • Multiple Repayment Plans
  • Rental Payment Exclusive/Inclusive of Tax
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Contract Booking

  • APR
  • OEM Subvention
  • Dealer Subsidy
  • Multiple Repayment Plans
  • Salespeople Incentive
  • Dealer/Broker Commission
  • Accounting Amortizations
  • Depreciation
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In-life Modifications

  • Change Payment Day
  • Change Contract Terms
  • Change Interest Rate
  • Capital Repayment
  • Change Payment Structure
  • Change Residual Value
  • Add/Update Balloon Amount
  • Add/Update Irregular Payments
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Early Settlement

  • Early Termination Calculations
  • Multiple Methods to Calculate Receivables at Early Termination
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End of Term

  • Purchase & Return Calculations
  • Contract Extension
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